What is a Coupon ?

A Coupon code is a serial code necessary to play our games. You receive this code when you make a payment. Once you complete the payment process, you will receive a payment confirmation through your email address. After a short while you'll receive a second email that has the Coupon code. All you need to do with this is Copy & Paste into your account, as we'll explain in greater detail in the step by step guide. You can use the Coupon for any account, and the subscription period will begin only after it's applied and activated in your account.

If you are making a One Month purchase, you will get a separate Coupon each time you make a payment. If you are purchasing an Autorenewal Coupon, which is an automated renewal subscription, you'll receive an Autorenew Coupon the first month only. After you apply this coupon, your account will remain active and your card charged each month for $9.95 until you cancel the subscription.

A step by step guide for purchasing a Coupon

Setting up a new Account with the Coupon

Renewing existing Account with the Coupon

For additional information about Accounts, Coupons, and game related questions, please visit our Knowledge Base at our Support page.